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Xiaomi Mi4C FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a planning to get a Mi4C or currently own one? Do you have any questions about it? Here’s Sydney CBD Repair Team answering those queries.

xiaomi mi4c banner

My Language Font is not supported by Mi4c, what will I do?

MIUI China ROM doesn’t support more languages. You can try Xioami.Eu ROM’s but they are unofficial and will void your warranty.

Where can I get a Global ROM ?

There is no Official Global ROM. You can use a custom ROM which is a global ROM. It has support for many languages and also the gapps are included.

How to Factory reset my Mi4c?

Go to settings -> Additional settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory data reset.

My Mi4c is not charging and is heating up a lot! What should I do ?

This happens sometimes i am not sure why. It happened with me last night. The solution is very simple. Just Reboot your phone. But…. if that stilll does not help then you need to turn off your phone and charge. Just to check if it’s a problem with MIUI. If the phone charges correctly while powered off then you need to factory reset your phone.

Does it support Quick Charge 2.0 ?

Yes it does !. i’ve tested it. You need to use a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Adapter to take benefit of this feature in your Mi4c. The bundled adapter supports QC2.0. And if you use a app called “Ampere” you will see 1800-2000 amps which means QC is working.

What about Double Tap to Wake?

Good news. DT2W also works like a charm. Due to Snapdragon 808 flagship chipset DT2W is supported.

Xiaomi Screen Replacement

Sydney CBD Repair Team is the best when it comes to Xiaomi replacement and repair. Did you drop your Xiaomi and just cracked the screen? Come and visit Sydney CBD Repair Centre. Have your broken Xiaomi repaired in a matter of minutes for half the price.

Xiaomi Repair

xiaomi mi4c spec template

How can i use a micro-usb connector in Mi4c?

Mi4c has a USB-Type-C connector so if you want to use a micro usb peripheral then you need to buy a USB Type C Adapter.

Does Mi4c have baklit navigation keys?

Yes. It does have. Which light up White.

Which Bluetooth version does Mi4c Support ?

Mi4c supports Bluetooth 4.1

Does Mi4c support USB Type C?

Mi4c was the first Mi Device to recieve a USB Type C Connector which is reversible.

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