3 Amazing Virtual Reality Artworks in VR

Tilt Brush is a virtual reality app for the HTC Vive which creates works of art with 3D brush strokes and awesome effects. Let’s see how artists do with it.


Tilt Brush is an amazing art and creative application for the HTC Vive and while many people had fun using this new medium making random lines on the void, artists are in a whole different league. Some works of art are out of this world and combining different effects and sounds, colors and environment; we can now see how virtual reality is creating a new way on how people can express themselves thru art and technology.

Stuart Campbell also known as Sutu Eats Flies is a 2D artist in the most traditional sense of the word. He takes on Google’s Tilt Brush and gives his shot on how this awesome new app can bring out works of art alive. Here are some of his virtual reality artworks and they are stunning and awesome.

Watch Videos in HD to fully appreciate the immersive quality of virtual reality.

OH NOOOO! My mecha is deep in the shit! I went back in to #tiltbrush to turn on every audio activate brush. Hee hee I don’t wanna work on my computer anymore. This is way more fun. It’s a loose sketch but only took about 3 hours all up

Posted by Sutu Eats Flies on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This piece shows how movements and proper sound effects can make a still work of art into a breathing dynamic statue. As it closes in to the subject, the ones who watches sees the intricate details and strokes that make up the huge mech robot in VR. This is so engaging it’s like living an episode of the Transformers with time frozen.

NEON ATTACK – last nights #tiltbrush session. @tiltbrush @htcvive #sutu #sutueatsflies #VR #virtualReality #painting #3D

Posted by Sutu Eats Flies on Friday, August 12, 2016

This one is a little bit nostalgic of the old school animation sketches from the past. The series of movement snapshots makes the viewer follow the flow of the action and makes up the result on the far left. In virtual reality, you can actually go in near or far out of the subject, if you really want to get those tiny little details checked. For the HTC Vive, this can be done. Just make sure you have a wide play area so you can manage to go super close to the parts you want to be focusing on.

Happy to finally share this 🙂 So my new friends Google commissioned me to create these four worlds in the one Tilt Brush file. The brief was to showcase what their app could do and how it could be used to achieve contrasting aesthetics for each room. I’ll post some more video tours of each room tomorrow

Posted by Sutu Eats Flies on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Taking it to the extreme, this one’s a little bit of a 4-in-one approach to working with worlds and emotions. The artist created portals to different worlds which you can actually peak into and see what’s inside it. Each worlds show a different style of sketching which in turn portrays a different emotion to the one who visits. This is a definite sample of what can still be done with Tilt Brush and virtual reality when it comes to art and content creation.

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