5 Best and Free VR Games for iPhone

Virtual Reality is here to stay whether it be on mobile or the PC. Here’s some free games for the iPhone from Sydney CBD Repair Team.

vr games for iphone


Experience the all-time favorite Romans from Mars in Virtual Reality (VR) with Google Cardboard! You are a Roman soldier, and you and your crossbow are all that stands in the way of the invading Martian army. Use hands free movement to launch arrows or use your elemental powers like Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning to take down enemies. Hold the line and defend your castle walls or risk Earth being overrun by these wacky Romans… from Mars!

germbuster vr


This game is fun and kinda scarry. You have a gun and you shoot zombie’s! Graphics are pretty impressive and the immersion is good. This game show’s what the future of iOS VR gaming is going to look like!

zombie shooter vr


Ride a deserted roller-coaster amidst a tropical island. See the fabulous dream of Virtual World.

Please, look at the leveler, to start the game.

Requires VR glasses (headset) FIBRUM

roller coaster vr


In GermBuster, “You” the player, are transported into an exciting new virtual world that you must clean-up by killing pesky germs. You are equipped with a state of the art virtual bubble gun and control the gun with you own hand!

Germs are spawned in waves and must be destroyed by shooting them with bubbles from the bubble gun. Avoid being slimed by germs and keep an eye on your high score!

You don’t need Oculus Rift / Touch, HTC Vive, SixSense, or Playstation’s Project Morpheus to enjoy interactive and immersive virtual reality. All you need is a piece of cardboard!

germbuster vr


Vanguard V is a fast action VR experience that takes you on a journey from the low orbit of our planet, down to the very core. Designed for VR from day one, Vanguard V is a celebration of control, design, and amazing music.
Production of this title is a collaboration of eight team members. Much of the talent was sourced from dedicated people in the reddit community. From voice acting to chip tune music, reddit has been instrumental in making this VR experience a reality. The power of the internet is truly amazing.

Vanguard V is an all-new Virtual Reality action game that takes the best aspects of flight and adventure. Driven by music, story, and innovative VR design, Vanguard V is a celebration of gameplay to welcome Virtual Reality to the world.

vanguar v