$130 Price Cut for 32GB Google Nexus 5X

The secondary flagship Android smartphone from Google, the Nexus 5X, has some great deals coming soon for its 32GB model. Discounts, anyone?

nexus 5x deal

A little recap of how good this deal is. The Google Nexus 5X has the same software as the Nexus 6P has but with a less metal hardware. The internals are almost high end on a plastic construction. It is also the cheapest possible way to experience pure stock Android on any device today. It’s not as flashy as the 6P but the value for money even without the deal is through the roof. The bottom line is: it’s up for a price cut. Now is the best time to get a 5X.

32Gb Google Nexus 5X for just $269

eBay deals have just set the Google Nexus 5X to just $269. Notice, we’re talking about the 32GB variant here, making this deal a true steal. This is $130 off the retail price, and if you know how eBay works, you might not want to think twice about making this an impulsive buy. With updates to Android N reaching this device first, we doubt the listing will last for long.