5 Problems the Google Pixel 2 smartphone displays have

It’s not perfect, but it’s been plagued with poor color calibration and burn in displays. The Google Pixel 2 has a lot to answer and customers would love to know.

pixel 2 pixel 2 xl

Poor Color Calibration

For the non-techy, it means dull colors even on the best smartphone displays. For the tech enthuiasts, the color calibration is awfully off. Even compared to the original Pixel 2 XL from last year, the Pixel 2 XL’s screen colors are paler and flatter in comparison. Google said they are making it look true to life colors but to an average consumer who uses excessive filters and favors more contrast, this makes the Google Pixel 2 XL look bad.

Fortunately, a software update can solve this problem completely just by tweaking the color calibration so no more problem there.

Blue Shifting

Here’s another problem which annoys like the 1% of the whole Pixel 2 XL user base: blue shifting. Try this right now. Turn on your smartphone display. Tilt it to any side. Make it tilt until you notice the color change from white to blue. Yup, it’s not noticeable when you look at it head on. This certainly is an issue with the display but it’s not just the Pixel smartphones that have this, and it’s not all the time that you look at your smartphone tilted to the side.

There’s no fix for this, so it’s either you take it or leave it.

Burn In

Nope, don’t panic. Your Pixel 2 XL is not gonna blow up and burn to the ground. Burn in is a term used when a display keeps a shadow of the image it previously projects. It will take a trained eye and even a dark room to see this issue but it’s no cause for concern. However, it can get worse and certainly degrade the quality of the screen over time. The shadows may disappear but it can compound like a shadow image combines with another shadow image until the screen will eventually gets darker and darker.

Fix is to return it to the store you got it from.


The age old problem of scratches on fragile glass panels on mobile devices. It seems that the glass back panel of the Pixel smartphones are plastic coated that will gather more scratches the more you use it. Well, it remains to be seen as to whether it will completely wear off or not. However, this coating makes both Pixels grippy and sticky to prevent from falling off your twitchy hands.

Whining speakers

What? I thought it’s a list for display mess? Hear this one out first. The smaller Pixel 2 has the speaker facing front. This means it can have vibration interaction with the glass screen right around it. Users has reported that they are hearing clicking and whining sounds from the front firing speakers like a feedback. This can be exaggerated by the vibration traveling through the glass displays.

A fix is by turning the NFC off. It’s kinda weird but this solution works.

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