Apple can have extra $3B from Pokemon GO

Apple’s user base may be fewer compared to the might Android but with Pokemon Go in app purchases, is it possible for Apple to get more out of the game?

pokemon go apple

Nintendo’s insane hit Pokemon Go could add $3 billion to Apple’s sales over the next 12 to 24 months, financial analyst Laura Martin said Wednesday.

“The global distribution platform for mobile content,” Martin, an analyst with investment banking firm Needham & Company, wrote about Apple. And second factor is Apple keeps 30 percent of Pokemon Go purchases made from an iPhone or iPad.

Gamers of Pokemon Go makes money from users’s in app purchases. These are lucky eggs, incense, lures, extra poke balls and extra storage. These users often buy a lot according to research from Slice Intelligence. And with Pokemon Go’s in game sales as of July 10 being 47%, of the entire US mobile gaming ecosystem, that’s a lot of money. And 53% of the people buying those add-ons “had made zero mobile games purchases over the past 6 months.”

“Two-thirds of all Pokemon Go downloads are on iOS devices and because iOS owners are generally wealthier than Android owners, we estimate that over 80 percent of Pokemon Go’s in-app spending is on iOS devices,” Martin wrote.