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Pokemon GO soon to be released in Japan

As what most of us know, especially the avid fans and followers of Pokemon, Japan was the home of Pokemon and most of its ideas. It came from the land of the rising sun and now it’s coming back home.

pokemon go japanese release

Japan is finally getting the Pokemon GO app. This was very ironic since the land of the rising sun was home of the Pokemon franchise and it\’s digital monsters. Even frustrating for our Jap friends is the slow release of the app in the region. The augmented reality mobile game’s beta was made exclusively available in Japan back in March, before spreading to Australia, New Zealand and the US in subsequent months.

This delay according to Niantic and Sony was avoiding server overloading, which was already a big problems even from a smaller gamer population in select countries. The eventual rollout of the Pokemon Go app just became even more hyped up when McDonald\’s sponsored gyms became official.

Gamers who have been eager to wait for the app to go live in the Play store would have to wait between a day and a week longer. With the McDonald\’s deal finally confirmed, Pokemon trainers would be battling out and catching Pokemon while eating some McFries.