Apple Music price cut is possible before Christmas

Apple is seriously discussing its music services after Spotify and Amazon’s cutthroat offers on cheaper subscription rates. This is great news for consumers.


Apple is finally feeling some intimidation from other music services like Spotify and Amazon. They are hard at work, mostly discussions on how they can lower their own rates to compete well in this fierce market. However, will this even work? Is it too late for Apple to do this even after the competitors already sucked in some of its user base to their own services?

This is the case when it comes to Amazon Music Unlimited. It has the cheapest deal around. Here’s some of it listed down below:

  • Prime subscribers are charged $8 a month
  • Echo smart speaker users are charged $4 a month

Amazon Prime members are treated with the same premium services that Apple and Spotify currently offers.

When will Apple bring down the rates?

This will soon happen before Christmas. However, this will come under serious discussions as the price drop will go as much as 20%. It will start as a part of holiday promotional discount before it becomes permanent for all users.

Apple Repair Services

If this is right, the rumor entails that an Apple Music license would drop from $9.99 to 7.99. For family packages, it would also be a $2 trim which could result to a new $12.00 monthly fee. The 90-day free trial window would be retained, and although Apple’s record label expenses are to remain the same with potentially shrinking revenues in the short term, the long-haul goal of fending off Amazon and Spotify is probably far more important.

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