LG V20 easily breaks its camera glass

The audiophile’s best smartphone of 2016, the LG V20, could also be the camera bug’s bad smartphone of the year. It might need some glass repair soon.


Do you already have the new LG V20? You might want to check at the dual camera head unit. It’s made of glass and glass casings are fragile. Too fragile, in this device, that putting a case will certainly be next to useless.

Recent multiple reports that these glass head units on LG V20s are breaking, cracking, and shattering even to the slightest impact to it like setting the phone down a tabletop. Yes, not even a drop. Just putting it down a hard surface is enough to crack the back glass.

Other reports on Reddit have the glass shatter just by having the flashlight on for more than 30 minutes. One states that just a light dropping the phone in an Otterbox case makes it crack.

This is not a warranty issue, says LG, so they are not up for some free replacements. Customers had to go back to carriers who would be replacing the broken glass for a fee. Worst case scenario is customers switching to other mobile phone.

This is not new to smartphones in general but having a group of these bang-ups come from the gate for the V20 is simply not good news. They need a good rebound from the slow sales of the LG G5 but it’s not too late to take actions for a small problem such as this one.

The LG V20 is the audiophile’s dream smartphones with quad DAC tech embedded for the highest sound quality but the camera is also its strong points so LG must take care of its customers.

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Why does it break?

One possibility brought up in the thread is that the parts supplier skimped on the glass annealing process for these units. To simplify annealing, it’s basically heating the glass in its final form to temperatures just warm enough for the molecules to move and relieve stresses acquired during the previous processes with the result being a harder final product. A poor job here does mean harder glass, but it can become more fractious, too.

What to do to keep this from happening?

Just don’t take the plastic off that is covering the glass head unit on the LG V20. This keeps scratches away and keeps the glass intact in case of a small drop.

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