Apple Watch Series 5 Housing Replacement – Fix Broken Heart Rate Sensor Apple Watch Series, Best in Sydney

[Music] hello guys it’s glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we have a device from apple this is an apple watch series 5 with a broken case let’s try to fix it [Music]

How To Repair Broken Back Housing Apple Watch Series 5

so this apple watch came to us with a broken case and as you can see if we try to recharge this one the apple logo just comes up and it doesn’t really boot up and thanks david for that sign language and we’re gonna remove the front display first and see as you know apple watches don’t have screws on them so the first access points you have with the device is by removing the front display or the front touch screen and david is now using these prying tools and he should be very careful to remove this properly because we’re gonna reuse this display as we reassemble the apple watch later on and now we have removed that display and the next thing we’re going to do is detach the three main uh flat cables attached to the display they have these clips retaining clips for the cables so that we can safely pull them out so far so good now we’re going to remove all the screws that is holding on the main components of this smart watch as you can see the big bigger portion of the ins internal components of the apple watch is the battery and the taptic engine [Music]

Broken Heart Rate Sensor Apple Watch Series 5

so the same with your smart iphones you can have a battery that’s proportionally sized for the device to be honest they are very cute but the taptic engine seems to be like normal size that you can find in iphones but it’s still designed for the apple watch so we’re going to remove the battery now fortunately for us we have access to all the components uh all the components are not really soldered onto the device so you can just extract them like this so more screws as you can see this is like modern watch making or watch repair if you’ve seen the traditional watch repair person all the components inside those watches even quartz or automatic are really really small and no different on this one so if you want to diy this repair you have to be very careful on tracking the screws that you are extracting from this device and also you have to group them based on the time that you extracted them from the case [Music]

and now more screws so we can detach now the flex cable that is attaching to the that is attached to this case so the problem with the broken case for an apple watch is that the underside of the apple watch is riddled with a lot of sensors just like this one so the heartbeat sensor and other sensors that you have for health tracking is in here and also the charging so as you can see it’s pretty broken so we’re now going to replace it with this one a genuine part so all we have to do now is to transplant all the components that we have removed from the broken case to this new one so first off is the last thing that we removed this is the main board [Music]

and we’re just gonna do everything that we did here in reverse so all the screws go uh on the correct order and on the correct holes sometimes apple devices don’t turn on even even if you’ve done all the components if you have installed them correctly but you have misplaced a screw and a different hole it’s still not going to work sometimes so do we recommend an apple watch series 5 case replacement to just anyone oh no so this is quite complicated which requires you to fully disassemble the device and as you can see the size of the device and the complexity of its assembly is very very complicated even to an enthusiast with a minimal experience so if you are unless you’re a certified professional technician with uh long experience with repairing smartphones or small smart watches or electronics then you should just seek out professional technical technicians to do the repairs for you

Broken Apple Watch Series 5 Back Housing

Apple Watch Back Cover Replacement

so if you have an apple watch with the same problem or you want your apple watch to have a new battery or a new display just reach out to sydney cbd repair center send us a message and we can give you a free quote or inform you if we have the stocks of parts that you need for the repair so we can repair the unit for you [Music] so in terms of pricing we offer a fair price on all our repair services we have been doing this for a very long time and we are typically cheaper compared to the manufacturer’s rates and we are also gonna perform the repair while you’re waiting if you want to so don’t get um discouraged if you’re still on lockdown and don’t get anxious in visiting sydney cbd repair center because we are all vaccinated and safe to operate and our business is tagged as essential because we repair devices that gets you gets you connected and gets your work done so we’re gonna install now the battery and we’re almost there [Music]

Fix Broken Apple Watch Series 5 Back Housing

just a few screws left [Music] so remember the display that we have removed on the first part of this video we’re gonna reuse that one and because we have that an original case for the apple watch it will have a very perfect fit and right here is the last step you have to connect all the cables to the retaining clips that holds them in place [Music] and we’re gonna show you this in real time just to show you how tedious this operation is and the sensitive components can easily be damaged if you have an accidental twitch and testing time we’re gonna test if the apple watch actually works after we replace the case and first thing that we’re gonna test is charging so there’s a few hiccups when we try to do this but it’s not working so unlike the smartphone we’re gonna test the charging and of course the sensor for the health tracking the touchscreen works the button works the crown [Music]

Can the Back of an Apple Watch Be Replaced ?

and we’re now gonna test the sensor [Music] so right here we’re gonna david is gonna test this one [Music] so the heart rate monitor depends on the sensor underneath the apple watch and it’s working so we’re now going to proceed to putting adhesives on underneath the front display to close up the device just like what we do with other smartphones with adhesives that holds onto the display [Music] right here we’re just gonna press and let the glue cure and dry and we’re almost done so if you have problems with your apple watch or even your android smartphones rog phones iphones if you need a new display for those devices or a battery head on to sydney cbd repair center and we can replace those things for you so we’re just going to clean this up and apply a freebie that david usually gives if we have anything available in the shop and the final test yep it’s good so in case you’re wondering this is how a protective cover looks like for an apple watch and that’s how you install it [Music] this is going to protect the device from scratches [Music] and we’re done this device is now ready for its customer thanks for joining guys till next time cheers [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

Fix Broken Apple Watch Series 5 Heart Rate

A Comprehensive Guide to Replacing Your Broken Apple Watch Back Case in Sydney

If you have a broken apple watch back case, or simply need to replace it for some reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best shops and distributors in Sydney that you can visit.

– 1) Unbox Sydney

– 2) Burwood Cellar

– 3) House of Fix

– 4) iFixit

– 5) Apple Store

Introduction: What is the back case of an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a wearable device which was released by Apple in April of 2015. It is the first device from the company to include both fitness and health-oriented features as well as a number of other functions such as email and text messaging, music playback control, and social media dissemination. It can also remotely connect to external devices such as an iPhone or Mac computer to transfer data.

The back case is the case that holds all of the components which make up the Apple Watch. It has a sapphire crystal-covered screen and a stainless steel chassis. It can be closed and opened by turning it around its axis. The back case contains sensors, antennas, storage modules, chipsets, battery packs and other components required for operation of the device.

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How to Replace Your Damaged or Broken Back Case

A broken back case happens when the back of the iPhone gets cracked or broken. The back of your iPhone is important because it houses all your most important parts such as the battery and the camera. It is generally a good idea to replace a broken back case as soon as possible to avoid any costly and unnecessary repairs.

One way to replace a damaged or broken iPhone case is to take it into an Apple store and ask if they can provide you with a new one. Usually, there are no questions asked so long as you have Applecare+ which is an extra service that comes with some iPhones. Another good option for replacing a broken back case is getting third-party cases from reputable sources on Amazon or eBay for cheaper prices than those from retail stores.

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Possible Options for Replacing the Back Case on Your Apple Watch (keylight replacement glass iphone xr, replacement back cover for apple watch 38mm series 3)

Some people like to change the back case of their Apple Watch because it gets dirty very quickly or because they feel like they need a new design.

One option is to purchase an aftermarket watch band. This is probably the cheapest option and offers a wide variety of colors and designs as well as customizations such as metal clasps, wristbands made from different materials, etc.

Another option is to use a screen protector for your Apple Watch. It will protect the back case from scratches without affecting touch functionality or viewing quality.

A third option would be to use a colored case that matches the color of your original back. This could give your Apple Watch an entirely new look and would be completely custom-made for you!

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Replacement for Your Apple Watch Back Housing

In conclusion, the right replacement for your Apple Watch back housing is a very personal decision. It can be difficult to choose the best replacement part that will fit your needs. If you are not sure what you need, then take a look at some of the best sellers in this category and see which one stands out to you.

I hope this article has helped you identify which type of replacement part will work best for your watch.


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