Apple won’t cure iPhone’s Touch Disease

Have problems with your iPhone? Unresponsive display? Nope, your iPhone might have a worse problem. What we call Touch Disease.

iphone touch disease

Planning to upgrade to the new iPhone 7? If yes, what\’s your reason? Some users may say that their current phone is not in great shape after a year of use and that could be the case for many with a defective display. It\’s got a gray bar at the top and won\’t respond to touch input. Some technicians call it the Touch Disease.

Added to the already popular Bendgate of the iPhone 6 chassis from months ago where the entire body of the iPhone gets bent when put inside the back pocket. The Touch Disease will be the same headache in many ways because there\’s no way to know what\’s wrong with the device until it goes unresponsive.

Professional technicians who fix iPhones have been seeing this more and more lately. This seems to be a manufacturing defect that ruins 4.7 and 5.5 inch IPS LCD screens. This ever popular damage is now growing in number as the iPhone 6 and 6s ages in passing months.

The extremely widespread plague grows worse and worse once contracted, and there’s no easy workaround or fix. Only a temporary “band-aid” that will accelerate the iPhone 6/6 Plus deterioration, unless you give a repair pro familiar with the flaw the chance to replace the faulty touchscreen controller chips.

Not the actual display, but the defective touchscreen controller chips.

An even worse news is that Apple won\’t recognize the Touch Disease as their shortcoming. They won\’t replace the unit or offer a very good deal with a repair unless it is still covered with a warranty. Now, have your iPhone in check. You might be next.