Dexmo lets you touch and feel the virtual world

You got perfect vision and surround sound of the virtual world, but can you touch and feel it? Here’s Dexmo to help you with that. A robot worth to look at.


Dexmo is a hand body augmented robot made by Dexta Robotics to make virtual reality interactions possible. Although this is just a proof of concept for now but consumer can expect positive development of this wonderful product incorporated to the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Dexmo’s features include the following:

  • it has force feedback to make the user feel the stiffness of the virtual object they are holding

  • motion capture to track finger movements that user makes in the real world and translates it to virtual reality

Virtual Reality have seen a lot of products and software made specifically for it. It is even said that this is the new age of computing in terms of interaction and level of immersion. Not only in gaming but in many fields that might benefit from the use of VR hardware and apps.

But can we really be fully immersed in the virtual worlds that we created? Yes, we can touch it. Yes, we can hear it. But can we touch it? Yes, using controllers and other peripherals. Can we really feel what we can touch? Not exactly.

This is why Dexta Robotics have been developing a hand augmented robot to let users achieve that last thing that we have been dying to have. And they call it, Dexmo.

Dexmo is an awesome glove shaped exoskeleton that attaches to a user’s hands and fingers. This enables the base stations or tracker of your VR headset to capture hand and finger movements and converts it to digital movements. These will in turn be seen by the user from his headset with very low latency. The movements are real time and with the help of force feedback, it will also show the stiffness of the object the user is currently holding or touching.

Dexmo is totally wireless and lightweight. Perfect for long sessions in virtual reality.

According to Dexta, “We believe the next big challenge in VR/MR field is interaction and Dexta Robotics is set to solve that problem.” With the foundation for the technology now on its initial phases, various improvements on the concept can make this even better in the coming years.

However, Engadget’s interview with Dexta Robotics CEO, Aler gu, tells us that we might have to wait for a while before the final version of this device will even hit the market. Release date and final price is even out of the question. This can be hastened with collaborations from other manufacturers who are devoted in making VR consumer ready.

The company even expresses their interest to get more software developers and VR/MR market leaders who can take the technology and device to the next level.

“Only with proper interaction tools, can practical applications for the VR/MR ecosystem be produced and the potential of VR/MR be fully explored.”

How is this technology be of value to you? Well, this can be used not only for gaming but for medicine, training and marketing, to name just a few.

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