Let’s go Car Shopping in VR

Would you want to look at more cars in just minutes while still getting that complete car shopping experience? Let’s try virtual reality then.


If you think car dealers will be around forever unchanging for over 70 years in business, then you\’re wrong. Imagine a much larger showroom filled with new car models, repair hangar, and an even larger parking lot for large volume car stocks. Yes, it is the norm and even the standard of a capable car dealership. Apparently, the game has changed for good.

This change will be cheaper while giving a lot of value for new consumers who can appreciate a little bit of virtual reality. Dealers are slowly becoming much modern now, employing virtual reality headsets to give virtual tours for prospects and eventually making some sales in the process.

Just like Vroom, a car dealer who wants to sell more of its cars in Virtual Reality. Partnering with HTC to give them the hardware to do everything they can in conjunction to their usual workflow. The initial plan from Vroom is to prop up Virtual Showrooms in Texas and Arizona to get the concept running. What does this mean to customers? Well, they can get to check out different car models, 15 to be exact, with prices ranging from $25,000 to $60,000.

One such dealer is Vroom, which wants to sell you a car in Virtual Reality, and is partnering with HTC to make it happen. The company is planning pop-up “Virtual Showrooms” in Texas and Arizona to test the concept, which allows customers to kick the tires on 15 different models ranging in price from $25,000 to $60,000.

Fortune Magazine even went so far as saying that, “Users are put in a virtual world that includes a large, black corridor with several 3D representations of the cars parked as if at a used car dealer. … When people want to give a car a closer look, they must stare at it for a few seconds to get a list of real-time information about the vehicles including the number in stock and their price. … People can also open the car doors and peek inside to get a look at their interiors.”

Though they missed the bumpy feel of the road, Fortune did appreciate the authentic roar of the Mustang’s engine during the VR test drive.

Vroom’s VR showroom is just the beginning, with General Motors, Audi and others announcing plans for their own installations in the near future.