Atlas Bay and Real Estate Marketing in VR

Virtual Reality meets real estate marketing and makes a very promising prospect in selling apartments and houses. This is how Atlas Bay is planning to face the future.

atlas bay

We all see Virtual Reality as a thing for gamers but marketers in getting on in the trend but uses it to make some sales. This time, for those looking to buy a house but does not want to go out to open house events joining crowds to check out a unit, then this one is for you.

Have you been hunting for that perfect house of your dreams? For sure, you haven through a lot of those and more often than not, it was a very tiresome experience. Being in the place will give you the necessary information of how the place looks like, how it smells, and if you, as a buyer, really like to live there. However, dragging along, maybe your kids, over the weekend to get that first encounter with the house will drain you out in no time. Want a solution for that? How about a virtual tour of the house or apartment in VR?

Now, that sounds better. Even more good news is more and more real estate companies are doing just that.

Atlas Bay, an Atlanta based company is one of the early users of the technology and is also partners with HTC Vive to provide customers a virtual tour for yet to be build properties. This is amazing. Clients can now see how the place would look like at certain times of the day complete with furniture even before the building or house is done and ready.

Curbed Atlanta, who talked with the company’s co-founder, says, “This VR experience is costly but mind-blowing to say the least.”

This will be a revolution for the real estate market. Being ahead of the competition by convincing clients that the properties that they are going to invest in are gonna be awesome. They can ponder upon it for some time, meanwhile the building or apartment is being finished. This is an edge. This is an advantage. Business and competition is all about just those two things.

Why is Atlas Bay moving into VR now? Cameron Abt explains: “It’s only recently this kind of technology has been available,” talking about HTC’s headset. “It’s now at a point where we need to let everybody know it’s the real deal. It’s not a gimmick or a novelty anymore.”