Augmented Reality for Pokemon Go is Ready

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality, then this is great news just for you. Game is just waiting copyright approval to implement the feature.

ar for pokemon go

AR or Augmented Reality is just like VR but instead of immersing you inside a full virtual world, virtual elements gets integrated to the real world with the use of your device\’s camera.

This is what Pokemon GO is doing right now. Not on a VR headset, but on your smartphone\’s display. But what if you can use a VR headset? Now, we\’re talking.

When you play the game, you don\’t just stare at your smartphone while walking around your own neighborhood, you get to wear a VR headset for a very immersive gaming experience.

It may seem like a good idea to Niantic and according from @PokeSteal on Twitter, they caught a little something in the disclosures section of the settings. Integration to Google Daydream isn’t official just yet, but if the open source software credit is there, the code’s already in the app. So it is wiser to have a Google Cardboard laying around to test this once its official.

The version 1.0.1 update has brought many changes to the game like a lock-out to Pokémon Trainer Club members and other buggy goodies here and there. But the five-hour walks and crazy encounters have not stopped just yet.