Dark Theme for Twitter App on Android

A night mode for the official Twitter app on Android seems not so much but when you think about it, it was the only thing that may solve your sleep problems.

night mode twitter

When dealing with electronic distractions at night, there is a dire need to turn down anything so bright that may damage our eyes in the long run. So with this problem, Twitter finally added the night mode on the official app. This does tone down the default theme of the world\’s most used social media platform.

Ironically, the app does not convert the app\’s vibe and look into pure blackness. It exudes a very toned down blue that will also be the color of the background of the interface and the text into lighter colors. So users might find this soothing and battery saving as well since white colors means displays use up more power to brighten up the pixels found in the phone\’s display.

Well, if you spend hours digging through your clogged up Twitter feed before bed, make sure you try out the new Night Mode on the Android app. Blue light is said to be the most taxing on eyes at night. Of course, you could just like the different color scheme and keep it on all the time.

This feature will become available for iOS soon.