Don’t Break the Law while Playing Pokemon GO

While playing Pokemon Go is very fun, getting sued for trespassing is not at all. Here’s some things to avoid to stay on the safe side.

pokemon go dont get sued

Your friends from Sydney CBD Repair Centre wants you to be safe while you go out on a quest to catch some rare Pokemon and get gyms for yourself. So here\’s the things to think about to avoid being sued for something risky that you did while playing new Pokemon game.

1. Avoid getting hit by any moving traffic

According to most laws it is basically your fault if you are on your phone with the new Pokemon game tracking some rare Pokemon, then you are hit by oncoming traffic. No one will owe you anything since you are doing something of your own free will unless their actions or failure of duties contribute to your harm.

In short, you glued to your phone and ran over by a car is all on your own. Making Nintendo or Niantic Labs liable for your misfortune since disclaimers before the Pokemon app loads show players reminders not to take the risks that could harm anyone.

2. Avoid trespassing restricted places

Another common sense. Even in many Pokemon forum, this was a huge debate. Don\’t trespass to closed property, even public ones. Some parks and government offices are technically closed at some designated hours.

You can be a trespasser if you forced entry to a property, example hopping over a fence or breaking in locked gates. You\’d be responsible for any damage you caused while you were inside the property.

3. Zero liability from property owners

In connection to the second item, from any Pokemon forum still, is the property owner\’s liability to any harm that might happen to trespassers while they are inside prohibited site. The Pokemon latest game gains zero liability from the owner if any trespasser gets biten by a dog, get injured as they hop over a fence or harmed while getting out.