Latest Controversial Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go have been receiving a lot of criticisms lately for not being able to communicate with the users of the game. Here’s the updates that started that.

pokemon go controversial update

Before the Pokevision was even taken down, Pokemon Go\’s developer Niantic have released some updates that most of the players think ruined their entire experience with the game. Now that Pokemon cheats from sites like the Pokevision is now down and unavailable, active players are now stuck with these updates from the official developers of the game.

Was this all good? See for yourself. The newest Pokemon game was drastically changed. with this one.

1. Updated Pokemon Go Trainer Page

The Pokemon Go trainer page now has menu options that bring out journal and customization.

Customization changes your avatar appearance from the uniforms they\’re wearing to gender options. Good thing is these uniforms depicts the three teams within the game: Mystic, Instinct and Valor.

Medals are more meaningful with the latest updates with information about the achievement each represents.

2. Updated Pokemon Menu

The Pokemon menu now got a new font with an added menu that gives options to favorite or transfer Pokemon. So gamers won\’t have to scroll down transfer Pokemon. And those favorite Pokemon can\’t be transferred, making the Pokedex safer.

3. No Tracking System

No more three step tracking system. This was the most controversial feature brought by the new update. Niantic stated that the tracking system didn\’t meet their product goals so they are on their way to fix it. However, as they fix the feature, players are left to find Pokemon on their own without any help. Not even from the Pokevision site that everyone loves.

4. Balanced Battle Moves

Balance changes comes with new moves. Damage per second scheme changes how the battle system works. Pokemon won\’t have to rely so much with their combat power to win a battle. Using the damager per second with the kind of attacks gives players a balanced ground to fight on.

Pokemon Go trainers now have options to use a higher damage per second Pokemon to fight a much stronger but slower to rejuvinate opponent.