Early Start on Shipping of Free OnePlus Loop VR Headsets

Thirty thousand of the first OnePlus Loop VR headsets were already shipped to the lucky 30,000 who got in first to sign up and pay just the shipping fee. Why so early? There’s a good reason for that.

OnePlus Loop VR Headset

Why the rush?

The main reason for the early and free shipment of the Loop VR is the upcoming release of the OnePlus 3. The announcement of the new flagship smartphone will also be broadcasted through the Loop VR app. In order for the lucky ones to experience the OnePlus 3 release in a virtual world, they would have to use the Loop VR in the comfort of their own homes. Launch event would be on June 4 and will be hosted in Shenzen, China.

What is the OnePlus Loop VR?

It is comparable to the Samsung Gear VR. The OnePlus Loop VR will hold any 5 to 6-inch Android smartphone and use it as a screen to display the virtual world to the wearer\’s eyes. A main difference of the Loop VR to the Gear VR is the Samsung Gear VR only supports Samsung smartphones while the Loop VR is not so restrictive.

OnePlus Loop VR have built-in orthoscopic lenses that offers 100-degree field of view. It measures 188 x 120 x 100mm and weighs 366g without the phone attached.