Enjoy VR Free Play during this year’s Pax Australia

For the very first time, virtual reality is featured in a major event like the Pax Australia 2016. Are you ready to try them all out?


November is fast approaching and it’s once again the time of year for PAX Australia to be held in Melbourne and one of the main attraction of this year’s convention is the special virtual reality freeplay area for people who want to try new experiences out of this wonderful new platform. So are you VR-ready?

This VR Freeplay Area will give people a chance to get a first hand experience of the latest in virtual reality hardware and software. This includes games and experiences, headset mounted displays and controllers. Sponsored by Harvey Norman Games Hub, it will feature the best of Oculus Rift and Sony’s new PlayStation VR. Also in the display is the mighty HTC Vive with some elaborate green-screens and Omni treadmills for that first person shooter action.

Jerry Holkins, the co-founder of Penny Arcade and PAX said, that VR dominates the headlines, yet more people have never had the chance to try out the best virtual reality could offer. He also added that trying this new technology for the first time is a magical experience and they are glad to offer that moment to the tens of thousands of attendees coming to PAX Australia this year.

More about PAX Australia 2016

  • It will be located at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • It will run between November 4-6, 2016
  • Single-day badges will cost around $65 AUD
  • Three-day badges will be around $165 AUD

Have a taste of what to expect with Pax Australia with this highlight from last year’s convention.

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