FCC checks on what may be the Huawei 7P

It may not be for long when we see another flagship from Huawei as it logged into the FCC checklist with some pretty mysterious information all over it. Could it be the next 6P?

fcc checks huawei 7p

A lot have been going on with Huawei, betting to make the next Nexus for this year. On the other hand, media reports are pointing to a recent FCC equipment entry as a bolster to Huawei’s sequel to its Nexus 6P. This might be true with some pretty good evidence.

Two identical phones have been logged, one likely an unlocked phone and another marked for prepaid carrier Tracfone. The device’s US codenames, as designated by Huawei in FCC documents, are the H1622 and the H710VL, respectively. It’s interesting to note that the 6P’s model name was H1511.

More interesting: Huawei’s internal model name for this new device (in both its variants) is KIW-A2. The codename for the Honor 5X is KIW-L24. And just look how much alike they are to each other.

Some confirmed specs of this new device are the following:

  • 3,100mAh battery
  • a headphone jack
  • USB-C port