Lenovo K5 for India can have 4Gb of RAM

When it was launched in China, the Lenovo K5 only had 2Gb of RAM, for India the budget smartphone may be getting more for some Indian action.


lenovo k5 for india

“With so much RAM at your disposal, the only thing you’ll worry about on the #KillerNote5 is running out of apps.”

by @Lenovo_in

It’s gonna be a massive upgrade for the Indian market as the Lenovo K5 gives it double the performance with this somehow good tease from the official Twitter account from Lenovo India.

With 4Gb of RAM, the K5 is right up with the flagships in the RAM department. And being a budget friendly option for the consumers who want to have good performance with less the money spent, this is too good to be true. RAM is a big differentiator for budget buyers these days, perhaps it’s now wonder that another K5 Note may be headed for India.

The Lenovo K5 Note was launched in China six months ago with a MediaTek Helio P10 and 2GB of RAM. It was more than decent enough at ¥1,099 (approximately $170 or Rs. 11,000). Now, it’s about to make the rounds in India and Lenovo’s marketing department is teasing more RAM for the price.

The only question that needs to be answered, will the upgrade in specs mean an markup in price? If the price remains relatively low for this awesome spec bump, then Lenovo could ship the K5 worldwide.