Fossil starts pre-orders for their new Android smartwatch

The Q-Wander and the Q-Marshal are much smaller versions of the Q-Founder. Being the best in watch making business, will Fossil change the game?

fossil android wear

Being one of the old school watch makers in existence, Fossil is really taking its time in going full on with the Android Wear business. The new Q Wander and Q Marshal are both really good looking smartwatches with some features that are almost entirely the same. These new Android Wear devices will go for pre-0order on August 12 and will start shipping on the 29th. Starting price: $295.

The two smartwatches have built-in microphones and speakers, magnetic chargers, notification vibrations and a low powered always on display. The only noticeable difference is the Wander having a softer frame to the Q Marshal\’s more sturdy, rugged case.

Fossil have been with a slew of new devices (not mention a Misfits purchase along the way), including an Android Wear smartwatch, a sort of combo watch/fitness tracker (a la Martian) and a pair of shiny wristbands. This March, it followed up with two new takes on its Android Wear offering, the Q Wander and Q Marshal, both of which offered smaller footprints than their predecessor, the Q Founder.