Free and Must Have: Android Apps

Every user have a unique technical needs. From the light users and gamers to power users and developers. These are the apps for everyone’s Android phone.

free and must have android apps


Pushes all your notifications from your mobile device to your desktop browser. So when you’re working, you don’t have to lift the phone and unlock it to see who’s trying to reach you.


A wallpaper app that changes your wallpaper several times a day, random auto generated abstract patterns and colors.

office mobile

Office Mobile

This app is a lightweight version of Microsoft’s Office Suite with Word, Excel and Powerpoint ready to be used to edit and save documents on the go.



 Lite and simple note taking app, sign in with your google id and sync your notes across multiple devices.

alarm clock xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme

If you have the habit of instantly tapping the snooze icon and go back to sleep, then this app would help you. Solve math equations or enter captcha to snooze or disable alarm.