Galaxy Note 6 Name is Getting Skipped for a Note 7

We had the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Active. Its Galaxy Note counterpart is the Note 5. This year, the S7, S7 Edge and S7 Active will have a Note 7 instead of a Note 6. Why?

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Yes, the next Samsung flagship phablet will be called the Galaxy Note 7. This monstrous device will sport a dual-edge display, according to a Korean carrier to an ET News interview. Last year, Samsung had the same debate if the Galaxy S6 will be released with a Galaxy Note 5. Unless users would OCD protests about this huge decision, this may be founded on something substantial.

Samsung’s strategy is to streamline and simplify. Skip the Note 6 name in order to sync up the naming convention for S lineup. This makes sense if you try to release an S7, then you would have to release a Galaxy Note 7 alongside it, avoiding confusion as to what generation the device is currently in.

This will just be a naming change, not necessarily a device upgrade. The rumored features of the Galaxy Note 6 will now be inside the Note 7. Another good reason to stick with the number 7 since Samsung’s biggest competitor, Apple, will release the iPhone 7 officially on September.

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