Gear VR used in 400 apps in 150 countries

This is according to Head of Mobile at Oculus. Samsung Gear VR is apparently used in five major languages: English, French, German, Korean, Spanish.


The Head of Mobile in Oculus, Max Cohen, just showed the status of Gear VR in the current year. Showing stats that the platform is booming and was eager to share these good results during the Oculus Connect 3.

It has apparently been able to penetrate the enthusiast and consumer market with its easy to use hardware and effective marketing strategies.

Max even pointed out the extent of how the Gear VR has achieved saying,

“We have millions of Gear VR owners across 150 countries right now, and there’s millions more who have tried it. You can actually demo Gear VR in over 15 thousand retail locations in the United States alone. And, the cool thing about this is that this has led to a really vibrant platform.”

The Samsung Gear VR supports 18 languages for the platform but 80% of these are made up of 5 major languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Spanish

The next item to be shared is the amount of supported apps the hardware has already covered:

“We have over 400 applications just for mobile on the Oculus platform, and we’re on track to having close to 500 by the end of the year.”

With this many apps, the list of applications featured in the store still contribute to this great number. Apps like NextVR, American ThemePark Sixflags (this features 12 different rides that uses the Gear VR). Medicine oriented apps also benefit from apps like Kind VR.

More will be announced at Oculus Connect 3 but so far, the company is in a good track.

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