Google Daydream View featured in a Verizon ad

It seems like Google has finally managed to make the Google Daydream View a very appealing product in conjunction to the Pixel. Now, it’s in an ad too.


Google Pixel was released weeks ago and have been reviewed all over the place with overwhelmingly great scores from tech enthusiasts and average consumers. Now, as the Daydream-ready smartphone from Google gets a good show going for itself, the Daydream View is coming with it under the limelight. Even appearing at the same Pixel TV ad for Verizon.

Daydream View launches on November 10 for $79.

Daydream View was the evolution of its virtual reality headset that started with Google Cardboard.

The Pixel lineup is the end of the Nexus Android devices and a start of a new era of Google’s fully self-branded smartphones. And now it’s got some aggressive marketing campaign across a wide range of media like the internet and major TV networks. These advertisements are mainly focused on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL but Daydream View is taking a fraction of the exposure for itself.

In the commercial, also uploaded to Youtube, we can see the Pixel being used with the Daydream View while a voice over narrates that the smartphone can give a stunning VR experience. The characters are even seen asking “how is it possible”. This probably is the majority of the reactions we can get from people who have never tried VR, even once, before.

It’s a good thing for the broader virtual reality industry that Daydream is getting some airtime in a mass media ad campaign like this because it helps the mainstream slowly begin to familiarize themselves with this cutting edge technology.

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