Google IO 2016 Presents Google Assistant

Google IO or Google I/O (with a slash) is finally done for this year. Many have been rooting and predicting for a new voice assistant and was not disappointed. Google Assistant is now well-known as the Siri killer.

Google IO 2016 Logo

What is Google IO?

Google Assistant will be the new voice assistant for Android once it is released with the latest version of Android, the Android N.

This was presented on the Google I/O event as the best voice assistant for Android. To back this claim, Google engineers have some pretty tricks to make this one stand out and become a worthy successor to Google Now.

Features of the Google Assistant

More Natural

Google Assistant is more human in its interaction, following the context of your query, even uses your location to get more specific with its search results. Unlike any other voice assistant for Android, Google Assistant answers back to you, gives you follow up answers to your follow up questions for a very natural experience.


Google Assistant is not only a search-based app but is also integrated to Allo and Echo, Google’s new chat and video chat apps respectively. An AI that provides a seamless combination of different devices while providing a learning assistant that gets better the more you use it.



Google Assistant is open for integrations on current and new Google developers who would wish to use this AI technology in their own apps. It will be expected that Google Assistant will continue to surpass what Apple’s Siri has started many years ago.