HELP! My iPhone 6 is not charging, what do I do?

First, stay calm, mate. Let’s eliminate the possible causes for this problem. Here’s some steps that might help you fix this iPhone 6 charging problem.

iPhone 6 Lightning Port

Possible Cause #1: Dirty, Dirty Charging Port

Needless to say, this is the biggest, unprotected part of your iPhone 6. It’s not covered, it’s exposed. So over time, it can collect dust, lint, pet hairs, human hairs, sand and what goes around inside your pocket. Check if you can see some visible signs of unwanted filth and try this solution.


Try using a toothpick or some thin piece of material to pick out the stuck dirt inside your iPhone 6 charging port. It might be deeper so be patient not to damage the metal pins on which the charger latch on to. Don’t use metallic objects to do this. Another trick is to use compressed air, if you have any lying around.

Possible Cause #2: Another Dirty, Dirty USB Port

You’ve seen it can possibly happen to a smaller lightning port on your iPhone 6, so it must be possible that the larger end of your charging cable can be contaminated as well. Check the USB part of your cable to see if it’s rusting or downright dirty. If it is, try the following solution.


Clean it like what is stated in the first cause. Remember, mate. Don’t use metal pins. Use plastic or wood picks to clean the USB plug.

Possible Cause #3: Faulty Power Brick

What brick? The one you plug into your wall, mate. It may have blown a capacitor inside it but you didn’t notice. This will never be a safe item to use again since it can’t regulate electricity to your iPhone 6. It’s a fire hazard so it’s important to know that it is working fine.


If you happen to have a friend who also uses the iPhone 6, then kindly ask if you can borrow his power brick and USB cable. Try it on your iPhone 6. Try only the power brick then deduce what works and what’s not. Immediately replace any faulty cable or power bricks that’s not working. Again, it’s a fire hazard.

Possible Cause #4: Faulty Cable

It’s kind of the same with the second cause but you might not see it from the outside but a faulty cable may be hidden behind the wire sleeve preventing proper flow of electricity to your iPhone 6 charging port. A single wire may have snapped from the stretching your charging cable undergoes every day especially on rough use.


Ask a mate if you can borrow their charging cable. If it charges with their cable, then yours needs some replacement.

Possible Cause #5: Your iPhone is Damaged

It might be the charging port itself that is specifically damaged. It’s normal wear and tear. After many times of latching and releasing, your lightning port might have worn out.


Ask a professional to help you. If your still under warranty, you can try the Apple Store. However, if you’re not, then a mobile repair shop can be a good option. Just like Sydney CBD Repair Centre which offers great rates for iPhone 6 charging port replacements with top notch parts and services.

Pro Tip:

The charging port problem is no joke. If you suspect that your iPhone is heating up more than the usual when charging, immediately bring it to a professional for proper diagnosis.

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