How much does it cost to replace the screen on ASUS ROG Phone 7 ?

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Hey everyone, this is Glenn from Sydney CBD Repair Centre, and today we have an Asus Rog Phone 7 with a broken display. This repair will require a significant amount of time, so let’s dive right in.

Asus has made remarkable progress since the original Rog Phone, and this one is the latest version at the time of recording. The client has requested a display replacement, even though it is still functional. However, having broken glass right at your fingertips can be perilous, posing a risk of injury. Hence, we will address this concern by performing a complete screen replacement on the Rog Phone 7.

Firstly, we will remove the back cover, which has never been opened before. The adhesive is quite strong, but with the appropriate amount of alcohol, we will safely detach it without causing any damage to internal components. And there it is, off.

For those familiar with the layout of the Rog Phone 5, you will find this layout quite similar. There is a board on top, followed by a battery, two layers of boards in the middle, another battery, and a daughter board at the bottom. Our focus will be on the two middle boards and the daughter board.

These two boards are stacked together, forming a dense configuration of internal components within the Rog Phone 7. We will remove the cover for the middle boards and separate them from each other. Likewise, the daughter board is located at the bottom, and we will address it accordingly.

Now, let’s move on to the replacement display, which is remarkably thin. Rest assured, it is compatible with this specific model. Additionally, we will carefully remove the battery on top of the daughter board, as each battery is densely packed and as thick as the entire smartphone. Our attention is primarily on the display connector, so we temporarily block the adhesive in that area.

With the battery removed, we can now proceed to detach the broken display, following a similar process used to remove the back cover. As we perform this operation, the display may incur further damage. Therefore, it’s wise to wear a protective glove, especially on the left hand. Maintaining professionalism, we smoothly remove the display connector and pull it through the housing slot.

Once the damaged display is off, we are left with remnants of shattered glass and adhesive residue.

We meticulously scrape off the residue and clean the housing. This process may take some time. [Music]

As you can see, it may appear messy at first glance, but David, having encountered this scenario countless times with other smartphones, knows exactly how to handle it. Some shards of glass may be clinging to the corners and sides where the damage originated from. Now, the housing is clean and ready to accept the replacement display.

In a test fit, we ensure the display fits perfectly without any bends or misaligned corners. We apply liquid adhesive and verify that everything is clear before installing the replacement display. It’s a straightforward process: align, insert the connector through the slots, and verify that the front-facing camera remains adhesive-free. After conducting thorough checks, we securely press the display in place. At the back, we ensure the display connector is connected to the main board.

Based on our experience with repairing the Rog Phone 5S, we know that the Rog Phone 7 follows a unique and distinct approach for replacing the front display. While several components, including batteries and daughter boards, need to be removed, David is now more adept at the process. However, due to the number of parts involved, it will still take considerable time.

The Rog Phone, where Rog stands for Republic of Gamers, is Asus’ gaming branch. This smartphone serves as a gaming equivalent to a gaming PC, built to deliver high-quality graphics and exceptional performance with its fast processors and high-end components. We ensure that everything is aligned and connected before closing up the device.

If you’re located in Australia, feel free to visit Sydney CBD Repair Centre.

David and I will personally assist you, diagnose the issue with your smartphone, and discuss the possible solutions. For those unable to visit us in person, you can conveniently mail in your damaged Rog Phone, especially if you’re overseas. We’ll handle the repair in our shop and send your fixed smartphone back to you. Rest assured, David will ensure that your smartphone is ready for gaming.

As you can see, we’re performing additional tests while allowing the glue to cure. We’ll clean up the residue on the side, close up the device, and the repair will be complete. I’ll now install the back cover on the smartphone. v

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. As always, it’s a pleasure to have you here.

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