How To Fix Google Pixel 6 Pro Rear Camera Module – Cracked Camera of Pixel 6 Pro

You Cannot Unsee The Crack! Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Replacement Sydney CBD Repair Centre

Technician 00:00
Hello guys this land from Sydney cbd or Parer center.
And today we have a Google pixel 6 pro with a broken camera that’s the main camera at the back.
And David his here for us to do the service.
Let’s go

Technician 00:27
also here. We’re going to replace the camera array at the back of this Google pixel 6 pro.
Because as you can see here there’s a crack on one of the lenses.
You can see that on the other camera modes.
But in the main one x camera mode you can see that there’s really a crack on the glass.

Technician 00:49
it’s going to be a problem because it’s going to be registered by the sensor in the image is saved in the gallery.
So we’re going to shut it down for now.
And David has already removed the display so we’re just going to pry it open.

Technician 01:09
you can see that there’s no more adhesives so David has already cleaned up too.
We’re going to remove this perfectly good screen.
And you can see that the tape on this one is really crumble.
So there’s a big chance that this has been fixed before this particular six pro

Technician 01:30
nso. The way we do this is re remove this shroud on the board at side of the battery.
So Google pixel 6 pro replacement for displays very very easy.

Technician 01:42
But the camera is not a straightforward as that.
So we’re going to remove this first because there’s a flex cable that’s going over the battery and the camera array.
So directly above the battery that’s the camera that’s preprotruding at the back.
Those are the internal components of it.

Technician 02:01
So as you can see here we’re going to detach the bat some connectors and as you can see here it’s going over the camera array.
So we’re just going to clear that off and unsee the camera from the main chase there’s a lot of connectors.
So each lense

Technician 02:23
your camera sensor is connected to the main board where you know detach that another screw to be undone and then you’re just going to lift it off the device.
So fairly easy. And this is the replacement camera.
So you can see that’s the identical component for the part that we’re going to replace.

Technician 02:51
And it’s protected by this plastic covers.
So this is how the seller is shipping it to us here the shop.
So this is good because the camera has the lens is very very expensive to fix.
So this one once you damage one camera lense or one sensor you have to replace the entire assembly

Technician 03:18
unless you can’t disolder these parts one by one.
Which is kind of very very tricky because we’re dealing here with optics.
So that’s glass and electronics.
So we have installed it and we’re just going to reverse what we have done.

Technician 03:37
So if you have a problem with your Google pixel six proe camera or any other smartphone for that matter especially Android whenever you have those problems and you can’t really fix it even if you reboot restart or refresh your device

Technician 03:55
then it’s got to be a hardware problem.
So the main sensor or some flex cable or the lands itself is not anywhere working properly so you have to replace it.
So if you have one of those problems then hadn’t your local repair service mission or here a cdn cbd reparison or so you can see your right

Technician 04:17
a before your eyes how David fixes things here in the shop.
So this is a very quick repair.
Once David has the parts for your a specific smartphone model and this is now ready for the clients its just that easy.
So we’re just gingi

Technician 04:34
re attached. The display test blew everything together and we’re done

Technician 04:45
to dab. Here is can a rain stalled display.
Very very easy when it comes to pixel smartphones.

Technician 04:55
We’re going to try to test.
So if you have any questions guys don’t hesitate to leave a comment like a subscribe or channel.
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Technician 05:16
Prince David here is your friend le pairman.
So next time guy is cheers.

Technician 05:23
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