HTC Vive teamup with HP to make VR-ready PCs

Virtual Reality will be the next big thing in electronic devices and the PC have more to catch up with it’s mobile counterparts. Will HTC Vive and HP make it happen?

htc and hp pc

HTC may be losing some grounds against major players both in mobile and VR market but they are not doing what companies usually do when getting behind the race. They are expanding.

VR headsets is the next big thing starting this year. Tablets and smartwatches have had its golden days and now VR is taking over in a new era. HTC, Oculus and Sony have been leading this progress with platforms like Valve and PC all aboard as well. But will HP boost Vive off the starting line?

Hewlett-Packard will not only produce personal desktop computers optimized for use with the HTC Vive but it will also ship its VR ready PCs with the headset.

Rumors also says of a VR spin-off conglomerate which ultimately panned out. Therefore, it’s likely we’ll soon be able to purchase HP-manufactured, Vive-branded PCs bundled with VR goggles directly from HTC at “friendlier” prices than separate acquisitions. Still, only 500 to 700K Vive units are expected to sell in 2016, compared to 6 million PlayStation VRs, and 1M Oculus Rifts.