LG Foldable Displays coming soon

It’s more than just the G Flex, LG is planning on releasing a full pledged foldable display that can be go on any form. Now that’s what Lenovo should watch out for.


lg foldable displays

Many companies have teased and even posed intentions of making the first foldable smartphone or gadget the world would finally appreciate. Both Samsung and Lenovo have their share of demos for months now. Samsung hyping the Galaxy X for next year and Lenovo showing off some stunning look at their demo for their new concepts. Now LG gets into the game and will attempt to make it all official.

LG have one track record of making flexible glass panels on the LG Flex lineup and would want to make it one step ahead of the competition.

Sources from around LG told ETNews that it has moved its foldable displays projects from research labs to the development phase, marking a big step towards mass production. Those sources also say that the displays, using licensed technology from Canadian company IGNIS Innovation, can be folded to be concave or convex.

LG started equipping one of its facilities for advanced, flexible P-OLED production this year. Refurbishment work will take up to the middle of next year to complete.