Huawei Honor Note 8 faces the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It’s gonna be a battle royal between the huge phablets. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 soon to be released, Huawei times its own release for the Honor Note 8.

huawei honor 8 faces galaxy note 7

The Huawei Honor Note 8 is here for a reason. This is to be a cheaper alternative to a much more expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Both are yet to be released, but somehow will be unveiled almost at the same time. Let the comparison begins.

Honor is technically a sister company to the Huawei, showed off its Note 8 specs today.

  •   6.6-inch 2K resolution screen (the Galaxy Note 7 just have 5.7 inches)
  • 4500mAh battery (Note 7 has 4000mAh)
  • eight-core Kirin 955 processor (Note 7 has a Snapdragon 820)
  • 4GB of RAM

Huawei says the price for the Honor Note 8 starts at about $346 for a 32GB model and $421 for a hefty 128GB version. This is the real difference here. Examine the costs from its competitor from last year. The Note 5 was twice the price of the Honor Note 8 for the same storage and Apple\’s iPhone 6S Plus is even more expensive with half the storage.

  • 32GB Galaxy Note 5 – $700
  • 16GB iPhone 6S Plus – $749

Honor 8 is currently announced exclusively for China, but Huawei will has a special launch event in San Francisco on August 16. That may wind up being the Honor Note 8\’s debut with American audiences. There\’s been nothing confirmed yet regarding similar events for UK and Australian markets.