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Let’s Do This Fix! New Huawei P30 Screen Complete Walkthrough 2021 | Sydney CBD Repair Centre

[Music] hello guys it’s glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we’re gonna fix this huawei p30 with this orange [Music] stuff so this huawei p30 comes to us in the shop with a broken display and we’re gonna fix it by replacing the entire screen and it’s not even turning on first step.

we’re gonna do is to remove the back cover.

the back cover is fairly good in good condition so we have to take good care and take our time

as you can see this is the real time

we’re gonna fast forward to it see how tedious this process begins

and if you want to try this on your own without proper training or tools you might even damage the device even just by doing this first step

so as you can see here we’re fast forwarding it and it’s gonna take some time

this is the adhesives that are making the back cover stick to the main assembly

and you have to be very careful

this is the real speed real-time speed

and even at this part we have to be very careful

and also the our technicians also know the components some of the components can even be attached to the back cover

so you have to be very careful and watch out for that one

and now we have the back cover taken off

we’re gonna remove all the screws that are covering the motherboard

and we’re gonna take off the shroud

and of course the wireless charging or the nfc component

and as you can see it’s exposing the camera systems camera lenses

and of course the connectors so first off before we proceed

we have to test the new screen by attaching it at the back with this connector just to make sure that it’s working

and it works so apparently the phone is turning on but nothing displays on the screen when we first tested it

so it’s just a screen problem so we’re going to proceed knowing that we only have to fix the screen

and the entire phone is okay including the battery and the motherboard

let’s take off the battery with these adhesives and huawei seems to have these labeled pretty nicely where you have to pull to remove the battery and not destroy it

and then we’re gonna proceed by removing the broken screen which is fairly the same with how we remove the back plate

but this time you can just take a bit of force

but you still have to be very careful not to damage the main assembly so we have to remove the old adhesives that we have here you have to clean this up

so that when we apply the new screen assembly

we have a clean surface to attach the adhesives

so at this point we’re not going to install it

we’re just going to test fit

if it fits nicely some of the main assemblies of smartphones

when they you drop it you have dents and when you attach the new screen they can’t fit

so you might want to bend it back or make the shape conform to the new display

so this is a fresh adhesive that we apply

there’s no other way to attach a new screen here some you can have an adhesive strip for a specific uh model

but sometimes you just can’t have that and we opt to have our own adhesives to cater to more models

so we’re not limited to just a certain type of smartphone or brand

so we have to reverse what we have done and attach the battery you can reuse the adhesives that comes with it put back the shroud and the connectors make sure you put them all back in

because sometimes you have you can forget one component and it will not work so you have to make sure that all the connectors are intact and properly installed

so before we close this up we have to test and there we go it’s working [Music]

so the client doesn’t want us to open the smartphone

so we’re just gonna test the uh power button volume button and of course the touch screen make sure that it’s working and even the speakers or the camera

so once we confirm that it’s all working

we can just close it up

we have a new adhesive for the back cover so nothing to worry there

and it looks brand new again

so if you have a problem with your huawei p30, rog phone, iphones, smart watches and apple watch specifically just head over to sydney cbd repair centre

so in this time of lockdown in sydney

we are still open since we’re rendering repair services to people which is an essential service apparently

thanks for joining guys till next time [Music] cheers

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