iOS 10 and its new gender diverse emojis

Apple thinks emojis are super important in our daily communications via messages, iOS 10 now comes emojis of women playing basketball, swimming and more!

ios 10 gender diverse emojis

Apple have their own version of new gender diverse emojis packaged together with iOS 10. There are female options for weight lifting, basketball, and surfing, as well as new job-related emoji for female construction workers and private investigators. Apple has apparently gone forward on its own and included variations of these redesigned icons and a handful of new emoji as well. Users of Apple’s developer version of iOS 10 should see the new emoji included in the iPhone keyboard starting today.

Some new with the 100 different skin color emojis include:

  • water gun icon replacing the old revolver
  • a rainbow flag
  • two different gender options depicting single-parent families
  • haircut and scalp massage emoji – for men

Apple says in a statement, “This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options. Apple is working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.”