Apple’s new ad pushes iPad Pro as a complete computer

The iPad Pro has been caught in the middle of awkwardness. It’s not necessarily a consumer tablet, but a high end pro tool. Now, Apple’s marketing says it’s a full computer.

ipad pro full pc

Unlike Microsoft\’s Surface Pro and the Lenovo Yoga tablets, Apple seems to be separating their iPad Pro tablet from the PC realm. However, things have changed in their marketing strategy and now the iPad Pro is a complete computer.

With expensive components like keyboards and stylus, the iPad Pro costs as much as a more powerful desktop PC. With the new ad from Apple, the enormous tablet finally had its identity fixed. Apple is clearly stating that modern computing is all about versatility. Using the keyboard with the tablet to get some documents done and editing on the go. Doodling artwork with the stylus and consuming content on the wide tablet display.

Will this strategy work? It\’s yet to be proven when iPad sales get a lot of improvement after crashing for some time now in the last quarter. Yet it is still known that tablets are best used for consuming media like Netflix, browsing the web and playing games. Editing a document is much easier on a different platform and device.