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Qualcomm licenses its patent for Oppo

This is a very positive news among the court wars from different companies. Qualcomm and Oppo have some very nice plans in its campaign in China.

patent licenses for oppo

Company cooperation and agreement news for the tech fans all over the world, Qualcomm and OPPO are signing a patent license. This is great news especially for the future of tech in China.

OPPO has licensed Qualcomm’s 3G and 4G technology patents to be used in their future devices to be released for the Chinese market. This followed when Qualcomm filed some patent infringement complaints against Meizu about a month ago. All lawsuits were filed in Beijing and Shanghai intellectual property courts. All of these a move to make manufacturers talk about licensing terms back to the drawing board.

OPPO is yet to release some details about their next F1 lineup releases. However, it will be evident in the next couple of years that Qualcomm\’s presence in China will pave the way for Qualcomm to possibly expand and dominate the chip competition in the region.