The SwiftKey bug that leaks user personal info

The highly rated app SwiftKey is having a bad day after the bug that was detected in the app is found. Apparently, info that it gets from users are leaked. That’s bad.

swiftkey leak user info

Users lauded SwiftKey as one of the best keyboard app for both Android and iOS because it helps predict the words they’re trying to type, and usually, the service works pretty well. However, over the past week, some users reported that their keyboards were populating with other people’s email addresses and searched phrases. The bug relates back to SwiftKey’s cloud sync service, which has since been suspended.

These issues started appearing over Reddit threads. Some users have faulty language suggestions while some have porn search suggestions that makes them wonder what’s going on.

Following user reports, SwiftKey took syncing and backups down. The company released an official statement today that doesn’t detail the bug but clarifies that it “did not pose a security issue.” SwiftKey said it’ll continue to update its blog as more information is released.