iOS 10 Only Deletes App Data, Not the App

Just when Apple told from the WWDC keynote that users can now delete stock apps from their iPhones, it was not entirely correct. There’s more to it than just deleting the apps.

ios deletes app data

A huge correction from the current announcement and was then all over the news that the new iOS 10 will delete stock apps like Stocks, iMessage, iTunes from the iPhone. The news also includes how these apps can be restored by re-downloading it again from the App Store. Apparently, this is not entirely true.

Craig Federighi, the Senior Vice President of software engineering talked about this on the John Gruber\’s The Talk Show podcast at WWDC and pointed out that Apple is not deleting its stock apps. The scripts and binary files that make up the app is still in the device. The only thing deleted are the user data and hiding the app icon from your home screen.

It is basically deactivating the app and takes out access accounts from it. If combined, the total storage size of all the built-apps on IOS is 150MB or less. For 16GB iPhones, that\’s a huge savings for storage.