iPhone Hardware – a list of questions and answers – 12/09/2019

Upgrade program

iPhone 11 and iOS 13

Monthly payments

Iphone 7 will only charge in car – will not work in any wall outlet with any cord


Unexpected shutdowns has become quiet frequent and even after 100% charging

My iPhone 8plus just shut down last night without warning and it still will not turn back on! Will it turn back on eventually or is it done?

How to buy iPhone 11 Pro

Broken screen with lines

How to buy an iphone 11 pro

I have an iPhone 4 can i trade it for a midnight green iPhone 11 Pro max (512GB)?

Will it be possible to return my new iPhone XS Max box unopened for the new or about to be released iPhone

I can trade my iPhone X for an Phone 11 Pro?

Purchased new iPhone XS 2 weeks ago & not opened box. Can I return it & buy iPhone 11?

Trade in for new device

I bought new iPhone XS Max and it says on the box that it should have an adapter but it doesn’t have one

I want change my iPhone

I need to know my purchase of my iPhone x

Can we still purchase iPhone XR?

Screen lifted Up

I want to ask about the pricing about pre-order iPhone 11

Iphone 11 in stores?

Which screen is better?

Can I trade my iPhone 8 Plus to an iPhone XS Max?

3D touch or screen sensitivity

I want to exchange my phone xs max 256 gb

Green and pink lines on display!

display iPhoneX

12.4.1 don’t charge grom PC after update

Dual sim