iPhone User Guide – iOS 12 – Everything you need to know about iPhone

Everything you need to know about iPhone

iPhone User Guide

Everything you need to know about iPhone

Get to know iPhone XS Say hello to the future

Learn intuitive gestures, use your face as your password, and see what’s possible with the amazing TrueDepth camera.

The Lock screen with a bar at the bottom to indicate that you can swipe up from the bottom edge.

It’s all screen

The device is the display—an edge-to-edge screen you can quickly navigate with familiar gestures. Swipe up from the bottom edge to return to the Home screen, swipe up and pause to see your open apps, or swipe down from the top right to reveal Control Center.

A screen showing the Face ID setup process.

Unlock with a glance

Use Face ID to unlock your iPhone, authenticate purchases, and use Apple Pay. Face ID is a powerful and secure authentication system that’s even more convenient than Touch ID.

To set up Face ID, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

The Camera screen with Portrait mode selected. In the viewer, a box shows that the Portrait Lighting option is set to Contour Light, and there’s a slider to change the lighting.

Fun with the front-facing camera

With the TrueDepth camera, you can create your own Memoji in Messages to match your personality and mood, and take photos with striking studio‑quality lighting effects.

To take a selfie where the background blurs and the subject stays sharp, open Camera, tap the Camera Switcher buttontap Portrait, then drag the Portrait Lighting buttonfor Portrait Lighting options like Contour Light or Studio Light.

Want to learn more about what you can do with your new iPhone? Check out Learn gestures to interact with iPhone X and later, Take a photo in Portrait mode, and Express yourself with Animoji or Memoji.

Shoot like a pro Learn how to take your best shot

Use your iPhone camera to create stunning, professional-looking photos and easily edit and share them with your friends and family.

Camera screen in Photo mode, with other modes to the left and right below the viewer. Buttons for Flash, Live Photo, Timer, and Filters appear at the top of the screen. An image thumbnail at the lower left gives access to view existing photos and videos. The Shutter button is at the bottom center, and the Switch Camera button is in the lower right.

Don’t miss it!

To quickly open Camera, swipe left from the Lock screen. To capture an action shot, use Burst to take multiple photos in rapid succession. Touch and hold the Shutter button to activate Burst, and release it to stop.

To view all of the shots, tap the photo thumbnail in the lower-left corner, then choose your favorites to save as individual photos.

The Camera in Photo mode. In the viewer, an outline of a yellow box shows the area of focus, and a slider can be dragged up and down to adjust the exposure. The 1x Zoom button can be used to zoom in.

Adjust for the perfect shot

You can fine-tune your shot by manually adjusting the focus and exposure. Tap where you want to set the focus, then slide your finger up or down to change the exposure.

On supported models, tap the 1x Zoom button to use optical zoom to make a subject that’s far away appear close by. Or, touch and hold the 1x Zoom buttonand move the slider to zoom in even further.

The Camera screen with Portrait mode selected. In the viewer, a box shows that the Portrait Lighting option is set to Studio Light, and there’s a slider to change the studio lighting option.

Take amazing portraits

Use Portrait mode to take studio-quality portraits where the background blurs and your subject stays sharp. On supported models, switch to Portrait mode, frame your subject, then tap the Shutter button.

On supported models, you can also add studio-style lighting effects. Drag the Portrait Lighting buttonthen choose an option. Use Studio Light to brighten facial features or Contour Light for dramatic shadows.

Camera in Filter view. Several filters are displayed as thumbnails below the image. The selected filter has a square boarder around it.

Add the final touches

Use the editing tools to make every photo great. Select a photo, then tap Edit. Tap the Crop button to straighten and crop, tap the Adjust button to adjust color and lighting, and tap the Filters button to apply a filter.

Can’t decide whether to keep your changes? Touch and hold the photo to get a peek at the original and see how it compares to your edited version.

The Photos app showing the For You button selected at the bottom of the screen and a Sharing Suggestion at the top of the screen.

View and share your best photos

Explore the For You section of the Photos app to see your Memories, Featured Photos, Effect Suggestions, and more.

With Sharing Suggestions, Photos even selects your best shots from an event and recommends people you might want to share them with. After you’ve shared, the recipients are prompted to share their photos from the event with you, too.

Want to learn more? Check out the Camera and Photos chapters.

Not all features are available for all iPhone models.

Set up Screen Time Manage how you spend time on iPhone

Use Screen Time to get a better understanding of how you use your iPhone and other iOS devices. You can then set app limits, schedule device-free time, and more.

A Screen Time weekly report, showing the amount of time spent on apps total, by category, and by app.

See what you’re doing

With Screen Time, you can view daily and weekly activity reports that detail how you use your iPhone. See how much time you spend in certain apps, which apps you use the most, and how often you pick up your iPhone during the day.

A screen showing a Time Limit alert that one hour has been spent on Instagram today. Below the alert is an Ignore Limit button.

Set app limits

Based on your activity report, you can set daily limits for specific apps, or for an app category like games or social media.

When you set an app limit, you receive a notification when your time is almost up, then you can choose to ignore the limit or extend it for the day.

The iPhone Lock screen showing a Downtime notification that Screen time is limited until 10:00 a.m.

Make time to unplug

You may want to take a break from your screen at the same time every day—like during dinner or to ease into bedtime. When you schedule Downtime, only phone calls and the apps you allow are available.

Ready to set up Screen Time? Go to Settings  > Screen Time to get started.

See Set screen time, allowances, and limits to learn more about Screen Time.

Not all features are available in all regions.

Start healthy habits Reach your health and wellness goals with iPhone

Use iPhone to stay active during the day and get better sleep at night.

The Health Data screen of the Health app showing a chart for total daily steps. At the top of the chart are buttons to show steps taken over the day, week, month, or year.

Steps count

Carry iPhone with you to count your steps and see how far you walk or run each day. To check your progress, open Health, then tap Today. To see how many steps you’ve traveled over time, tap Steps, then tap Week, Month, or Year.

A playlists screen in Apple Music showing the available playlists for Workout. At the bottom of the screen are the buttons for Apple Music, from left to right, Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Search. The Browse button is selected.

Move to the beat

Need some inspiration to push through a workout? Find the perfect playlist in Apple Music to keep moving. Open Music, tap Browse, then tap Playlists. Scroll to Activities and Moods, then choose a playlist in the Workout or Motivation section.

The Bedtime button is selected in the Clock app, showing the sleep time starting at 11:00 p.m. and the wake time set at 7:00 a.m.

Start a bedtime routine

Use Bedtime in the Clock app to help you build healthy sleep habits by consistently going to bed and waking up at the same time.

When Bedtime is turned on, your display dims and notifications are hidden until you unlock your iPhone in the morning. Open Clock, tap Bedtime, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Want to learn more? See View health and fitness information, Subscribe to Apple Music, and Set an alarm or bedtime schedule.

Not all features are available in all regions. Apple Music requires a subscription.