iPhone XS Back Glass Replacement In Sydney – iPhone X & iPhone XS Max Back Glass Repair by Laser

[Music] hello guys this is glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we have something new for you we’re gonna fix an iphone 10s with a broken back glass and we’re gonna shoot some lasers [Music] so this is an iphone 10s from a client who doesn’t really like the broken back glass on this one so this is a weird case where in the front display is okay but the back glass is partially shattered so we’re gonna replace only the back glass so this time david is gonna remove this front display carefully since we’re gonna reuse this in our reassembly later

on so just like other iphones you remove two screws at the bottom and you pry it off there are some adhesives from the factory to maintain the waterproofness of the device so we’re just going to cut it off right here and primarily the front display is held on by the clips that you can see on the sides so we’re going to slowly pry it open since the display has a lot of flex cables attached to the main board of the device you can see the l-shaped uh battery and you can also see a lot of covers or clasps that retains all the flat cables and flex cables of the front display so we’re going gonna remove them all and put it away for now and we’re gonna re disassemble the entire device so why is that so we’re gonna show you later on so this is a typical uh disassembly process for iphone tennis [Music] so all the components that we are gonna remove from this smartphone will all be reassembled later on so i know this is t just works but because we have a different process for removing the back glass of this iphone compared to other iphone models that we have fixed before in the shop

so these are heat resistant tapes i’m just gonna cover the front portion of this smartphone to prevent dust and of course parts of glass that we’re gonna remove later on so this is our laser machine what this will do is it’s gonna focus a beam of laser on the back glass because the back class of an iphone tennis is held on by adhesives which we can’t really pry off easily and when you go to apple they’re going to charge you with like 600 dollars just to replace the back glass of your iphone tennis we’re gonna do this uh more economical and sustainable so as you can see we’re gonna speed it up uh for the sake of brevity in this video but you can see the laser etching uh pulverizing away the adhesives below the glass so this is perfect for those who have like slight cracks on the glass but if you have a lot of cracks on your back glass the laser will tend to be refracted or reflected in other parts of the of the smartphone so do we recommend that you diy this one and then just hope that you can make it uh you can replace your own back glass no this is just for the professionals and even if you have this machine you still need some training and of course a well ventilated area and as you can see on the left side we have some suction for the air because the fumes that are generated by heating the adhesives and and then it will be toxic for you if you inhale it so the laser is slowly but surely uh pulverizing the adhesives the template for the iphone xs it can also be encoded on the machine so that it will skip over the camera and the charging pad for the wireless charging so right here it’s done

and david will remove this one of course with proper protection and proper protocol so this is almost done we’re gonna go to the next step so the next step is actually removing the glass as you can see here you see those squiggly lines those are the adhesives that has been pulverized by the laser but the the fact of the matter is we still have to scrape off the glass off of the main housing so right here we’re gonna dump it over to the bin slowly but surely but this time although you find it hard to believe that it’s this actually the easier way because if the adhesives are still active or not pulverized you will have a lot of a hard time scraping off the glass of this iphone 10s so basically if you you want to replace the back glass of your iphone 10s you have to just break it apart just to remove it from the main housing so this is kind of like a very good design for apple but in terms of repairability now at least we have a laser machine to default onto or you can just give it back to apple and just space 600 us dollars so it’s pretty steep just for this repair but here in sydney cbd repair center we can do that we can do it below 100 and that’s not us dollars that’s australian dollars so think about it do you really want to diy your iphone 10s repair or just head out to sydney cbd repair center and at least save a lot of money just pay a fraction of the price and get the same results so right now we’re just going to blow off some particles and we’ll head out we’ll head back to our workspace and now we’re back on our bench we’re gonna proceed now with uh reassembly of this iphone 10s although this is not really a good surface now this kind of scratched up but that’s what we get when we get thorough about about our repair but once we replace it with this replacement back glass now you can see the point of all those steps that we have taken so back to the reassembly we’re just gonna reverse all that we did so all the components the batteries the camera the vibrator vibration motors the motherboard all comes back to the main housing so the reassembly process although pretty complicated at least it’s apple has made it easier for us to replace or at least remove the components

but in this case we don’t have really any problem with the compatibility of the products of the components because we are just putting it back together [Music] so this one the battery and then we’re gonna for the first time ever we’re gonna put back the old front display because that’s not really damaged so think about it if you want to scrap your smartphone just because you have a pretty messed up back glass then that’s not really environmentally friendly and financially responsible so this time we’re just gonna take out the bad component and just replace it [Music] so we’re gonna put back the display for good now since we have tested all the components the camera the charging uh the buttons all seems to be working good and here we put on our new adhesives on the sides just to make sure that some that the replacement backlash will adhere to the surface and of course like maintain a level of waterproofness although we can’t really guarantee that it will be the same as with the factory so we’re just gonna put a lot of adhesives on this bad boy except for the charging pad this copper is for the wireless charging so we stay away from those just like what the laser did and then here it is no one will ever know that you have an iphone uh tennis fixed from a repair shop because it’s it looks bloody brand new [Music] so next step is we’re just gonna let the adhesive cure we have these mini clamps that we install on all sides as much as possible and then leave it for quite some time to let the glue cure and dry so if you have an iphone 10s 10r or even 10 that needs a back glass replacement if you are okay with the messed up back glass that’s okay but if you want to refresh your iphone 10s and you have no warranty from apple

and you don’t want to pay the exorbitant cost of replacing the backlash then contact cdcbd repair center if we have some stocks for your specific iphone models we’ll do it for you you just have to wait for the repair it’s not really gonna take a lot of time and you also get freebies like this tempered glass who knows you will need this if one day you’ll drop your smartphone at least the tempered glass will absorb some of the impact and this one too this is just a plastic cover [Music] if you don’t want this you can just opt out but you know david wants to give out free stuff all the time [Music] there it is so thanks for joining guys i hope you enjoyed this video and learned something new until next time cheers [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you


The Complete Guide to Replacing iPhone X Back Glass

This guide will show you the steps in replacing iPhone X back glass.

If your iPhone X back glass is broken, scratched, or just does not look good anymore, it is time to replace the back glass. There are many ways you can get your iPhone X back glass replaced. You can go to any Apple store and get it done quickly without any hassle at all. You can also go to an authorized service center that offers Apple repairs and replacements. If you want to do it on your own without spending too much money on getting a professional help, keep reading this guide for more information on how to replace the back glass of your iPhone X.

Introduction: What is Causing Your Cracked iPhone and How Do You Know if the Back Glass Needs to be Replaced?

The causes of a cracked iPhone could be various. One of the reasons is because of dropping the phone and it could be that the back glass needs to be replaced.

There are many causes for a cracked iPhone: you might have dropped it, left it out in the rain, or taken it through a car wash. For those who drop their phone often, there’s even a phone case for those clumsy few who need one. The first step is to identify what made your iPhone crack and then determine what you need to do next.

What Are The Causes Of A Cracked iPhone?

-Dropping your phone -Putting your phone through a car wash -Leaving your phone out in the rain

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How to Securely Remove the iPhone X Back Glass

Cell phone screens are getting bigger and better. Smartphones like the iPhone X now feature a beautiful 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display, but it’s not all good news for those who want to show off their new phone. The back of the iPhone X is made of glass, which means that anyone can see the reflection of themselves and everything around them in your shiny new phone.

If you don’t want to be embarrassed by an audience or if you just want to keep your personal information private, we’ll tell you what you need to know about how to securely remove the back glass from your iPhone X.

The first step is removing any sticker residue that might still be on the back of your device. You can buy a special adhesive remover at an electronics store for

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How To Replace the IPhone X Screen

If you have a broken iphone x screen, it doesn’t need to be a disaster. There are a variety of ways to replace the iphone x screen.

First, if you have an Apple Care+ or AppleCare+, this will cover any issues with the iphone x screen. If you don’t have Apple Care+, there are stores that can replace an iphone x screen for you. If the store cannot replace the iphone x screen, they may be able to provide a loaner phone for a few days or weeks until your phone is fixed. The third option is to contact apple and arrange for them to send someone out to repair your phone in person.

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What Replacement Materials & Tools Do I Need For This iphone x back glass replacement DIY Project?

This DIY project is a pretty easy one. You will need a suction cup, an iOpener, a pry tool, and a screwdriver.


-Suction cup


-Pry tool


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Conclusion: The Next Step for Your Successful DIY Repair With a New iphone x back glass.

Apple’s latest release is the iphone x, and it is projected to be one of their most popular and successful Iphones. The most important part of the iphone is the screen, so if your screen is damaged, it can be catastrophic. What you need to do in this situation is to get a new iphone x back glass. In this article we will show you how to do that on your own without having to head out and buy a new device.

In order to fix a broken iphone x back glass on your own, you will need some tools – a suction cup, some tape, a towel or piece of clothing that can protect your phone from scratches or scuffs while it sits on its back on the table top.

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