Lenovo Bendable Smartphones is Ready Within 5 Years

Lenovo has unveiled a tech demo of their bendable smartphone the C-Plus and their bendable tablet, the Folio. But within 5 years, a consumer prototype is ready.

lenovo bendable phones

Samsung proposed to populate the smartphone industry with bendable displays on smartphones and tablets. But Lenovo and other companies are into the game now as well. With the release of Galaxy X by the end of 2016 not so certain, will Lenovo make the leap and overtake Samsung on this bendable display race?

Lenovo thinks it can – within five years.

When it announced the new Moto Z and the Phab 2 Pro, Lenovo also had a demo of its bendable prototypes. These are the products of years of development, hidden from the public eye. Now, it can not only take the center stage but also save the weakening tablet market.

These “prototypes” are not polished just yet and only made for demonstration purposes but consumer grade products are just have a decade away.

The CPlus is the bendable smartphone with 4.26 inch display with just 2 years allocated time before it can be shipped to whoever wants one. However, Lenovo thinks two years is unrealistic and aggressive and opted for a final release in 2021.