OnePlus 3 Update Temporarily Stopped

A perfectly bad day for OnePlus 3 owners as the update that is supposed to solve software issues for the 6Gb monster spawned new problems.

oneplus 3 update stopped

OnePlus 3 users are in for another bad day now. Right after the update to OxygenOS 3.2.0 was rolled out to solve a lot of the software issues that plagued the new 6Gb monster in turn made new ones of its own.

Previously reported ones, as well as display color calibration and RAM management qualms, were supposed to become a thing of the past with the rollout of a “high quality” OxygenOS 3.2.0 update.

Unfortunately, this may have been rushed out the door, and instead of fixing everything, it gave birth to mysterious new “issues” that prompted an immediate stop to the upgrading process. No words on how long will the “temporary” interruption last, but OnePlus vows to “start back up as soon as possible”, once it finishes investigating the problems’ cause and, of course, after devising yet another patch.

The community can help submitting bug reports to help solve these issues and may result in a new update to banish all future software bugs.

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