Lenovo launches All-In-One VR-ready PC

Lenovo is already in the Virtual Reality band wagon with its latest high end AIO vr-ready PC. All-In-One PC for VR. Is it good? Let’s find out.

lenovo vr pc

Gamescom is on and Lenovo takes the limelight by launching two new Windows 10 desktop PCs. This PC is specifically geared towards virtual reality use.

IdeaCentre Y710

The Y710 can support 4K gaming, VR and high quality streaming as addition to its capabilities to do heavy multi tasking. And since it runs Windows 10, it has a seamless integration with Xbox. It will have the features to stream Xbox games from Xbox One direct to the IdeaCentre PC.

IdeaCentre AIO Y910

This is one of the first all-in-one VR-ready PCs in existence. Lenovo wants to provide a very smooth gaming performance to every user. They Y910 have a 27-inch Quad HD borderless display (2560×1440), wireless cables for mouse and keyboard but still retains a very low game response latency.

October is the month when these two PC\’s are to be released and are touted as the perfect desktops to explore virtual reality anywhere you go.