Microsoft’s cool Holographic Shell for 2017

Microsoft won’t stop with its Hololens for enterprise use but it will continue even further as to make each Windows users be enclosed in a Holographic Shell.

windows holographic shell

During Intel’s Developer Forum, Microsoft took the chance to announce its Holographic Shell to make the Windows operating system be a single unified platform for VR, AR and MR. This is expected to arrive to all Windows-based users by 2017.

What is Windows Holographic?

Based on the name, Holographic may have been reinforced by now with Microsoft’s existing augmented reality visor, the Hololens. This is an extension to the platform that Microsoft has been building upon in the field of VR, AR and MR. Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

In Microsoft’s Windows Holographic lexicon, it seems to mean different forms of disparate virtual content. In the case of the demonstration, floating 2D windows presented in an immersive 3D environment. This results into a very seamless combination of real and virtual elements in the user’s perspective.

Beforehand, Microsoft and Intel were joining forces on a new a new Windows Holographic powered All-in-one VR headset called ‘Alloy’, also featuring untethered computer vision based positional tracking.

We reported recently that Microsoft had stepped up it’s efforts to bring its HoloLens AR visor to businesses in a more Enterprise focused fashion with the launch of ‘Commercial Suite’, with this announcement that a proper, integrated Windows-based platform for VR, AR and MR applications will push to desktop operating systems everywhere next year, Microsoft appear to finally have a plan on how to capitalise on the immersive technology revolution.

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