Oculus Rift finally on sale in Europe and Canada

Technically, the Oculus Rift have been on sale for some time now. Online stores, that is. This time it’s the real stores that gets to give people the Rift they want.

oculus rift sales

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said that you can now go to a regular store in Europe and Canada and pick up an Oculus Rift headset on your way out.

The Oculus Rift may have been released way back in March, but it is was considered as half-perfect with the exclusive pre-orders that can be done only via online. However, this has improved a great deal since then because on September 20, the Oculus Rift devices will come to Europe and Canada on a number of stores.

Iribe tweeted that with the arrival of the Oculus Rift on regular stores, customers can not only get the Rift but try out the new Oculus controllers too. As this has been VR’s mantra, and also from the enthusiasts and businesses that wants people to consider Virtual Reality as part of their computing experience.


So if online shopping may have been the primary mode of buying new products, real, physical stores will play a very important role in reinforcing the beauty and allure of VR to the majority.

The specific territories on where the Rift will be sold out from is still to be known but with its release in UK is a good indicator. One reason, the HTC Vive have been available in these parts and the Oculus Rift is just not to be seen.