Oculus Touch now has Longer Range, Better Tracking

That’s how Oculus is describing its new Oculus Touch controllers. It is even touted to be the final iteration of its very own design. Wanna try it out?


new oculus touch

It\’s nearly complete! The Oculus VR motion controllers was launched last June 2015 but it was not ready for shipment back then. Shipment started in the later part of 2016 with more revisions and redesigns. Oculus, assured that it\’s new Oculus Touch controllers are better than ever.

This announcement came from Gamescom in Germany. Jason Rubin, Oculus Head of Content, said that Oculus\’s much anticipated Touch VR controllers have improved over time and are nearly complete and the one seen on E3 was the near-final version of the pair of devices.

“…at E3 we shipped a new version of Touch that has better tracking, greater distance from the sensors,” he said. “It’s pretty much the final iteration. We’re doing little tweaks always, but we’re pretty much there.”

The new Oculus Touch controllers is now capable of room-scale tracking much like it\’s already speeding up competitor, the HTC Vive. Oculus, however, said the new controllers ain\’t gonna be used in that scenario.

The controllers seen on E3 was good for release but with the pace that Oculus develops their controllers, it is expected to be good or better than the Vive. Price for the Oculus Touch? It\’s yet to be revealed as well.