Android Nougat out on August 22

Android Nougat will be released finally for all Nexus Devices that runs the official Android OS. For the shiny flagships from other OEMs? It’d have to wait a little.


android nougat release

Google is rumored to be releasing its latest version of the Android operating system, Android Nougat on August 22. That’s a Monday so it will be a good start of the week for the pure Android fans.

This is just, however, from a statistics made by Telus, a leading Canadian cellular provider. They have sheets and charts that shows various over-the-air updates in a timeline. These updates are targeted towards compatible Android Devices.

As always, this is a good news for all Nexus devices owners especially for those who have either a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Android Nougat will come to these devices in a couple of days.

Other basis to take this rumor even more seriously is Google’s habit of releasing a new OS during the “late summer”. That’s from mid-to-late of August. This leads an even more compelling reason that the 22nd is a sweet spot to wait for the new OS. Not exactly this date, but somewhere around or after it.

Users who have been a member of the Android Beta Program, various public beta have been available for updates on these users’ devices. On those who are out of the exclusive program, the new Android OS can be acquired by going to settings and checking system updates. This will be the case for Nexus devices, that is.

It has been the real deal that Nexus devices will eventually be the first to get the latest Android operating system. The following devices are eligible for upgrade as soon as Nougat is available.

  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 9
  • Google Pixel C (a Chromebook)
  • Nexus Player
  • Nexus 6

Android 7.0 or the new Android Nougat have the following features that some users have been egging Google to add to the operating system.

  • Daydreams become screen savers
    • This was supposedly the VR platform on Android, but now it is repurposed to be just wallpapers and it works the same like the original wallpaper app used in previous versions of Android
  • Quicker multi-tasking
    • This is done by double tapping the square multi tasking button to jump from the previous and current app and back again.
  • Use two apps at same time
    • Yes, just like the Samsung Tab feature. This now comes native on Android 7.0. Also called the split screen feature, it enables to apps run simultaneously both in active mode.
  • View two Chrome tabs
    • More multi tasking features. Just like in the desktop, you can now open two tabs of the Chrome browser and put it together on split screen.
  • Drag and drop text, images when in multi-window mode
    • Yet another multi tasker feature, drag and drop of elements from and to another app or window is now possible in Android Nougat. This will be convenient for emails that require some copy pasting actions.
  • Finally, the lock screen gets a wallpaper of its own
    • Yes, it won’t share with the homescreen anymore. The lock screen gets a wallpaper of its own. This is if you are into wallpapers that much.
  • Clear all recent apps
    • Oh yeah. The clear all recent apps that most of us missed in Android Marshmallow is now here. No more swiping all apps to kill those unneeded apps.
  • New installer animation
    • This is an aesthetic feature. Just the animation you see when Android is upgrading or patching some packages.
  • Bundled notifications
    • Related notifications from apps are now bundled together to unclutter your notification drop down bar. Emails from Gmail will be fused into one big notifications with say, 100 new emails. Very convenient indeed.
  • Data saver
    • Very handy feature that won’t let you go over your allowed data allowance. 
  • Quicker quick settings
    • The quick settings are now even more slicker and much quicker to set up and access.
  • Easier Settings app navigation
    • A swipe from the left gives you the Settings category instead of pressing the back button.
  • New Emojis
    • Of course, new emojis. Because we can’t use too much emojis in our chats.
  • Cancel button for app downloads
    • Don’t want the app anymore? Takes too long to download? Cancel the installation right from the notification tray.
  • Keyboard shortcut helper
    • This gives users the ability to get the keyboard shortcuts used in certain apps.

These features all come in bundle with Android Nougat and unfortunately for proud owners of the new Samsung Note 7 or S7 Edge, it would take some time to incorporate this update to the Samsung custom OS.

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